Central VT New Directions Coalition

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Take the E-CheckUp To Go!


As a 21-25 year old in Vermont it can be challenging to maintain a physically and socially healthy lifestyle.  Nearly 40% of 21-25 year old Vermonters reported binge drinking in the past 30 days. Visit livemoredrinklessvt.org and take the E-Checkup to go to see how you compare to people your age.  This anonymous survey also offers information on how to stay socially and physically active, without binge drinking.


Now Hiring!

Prevention Educator/Youth Outreach        20 hours/week

Job Summary: Coordinate coalition’s youth prevention education efforts. Work with CVNDC staff, local middle and high schools, coaches, youth groups, and VT Department of Health to promote decreased substance use and encourage healthy lifestyles. Projects include working with youth and young adults; implementing prevention activities and campaigns; and collaborating with schools, parents and the community around tobacco and second hand smoke, as well as alcohol and other drug prevention.

Supervised by and Reports to: Director and co-Director, Central Vermont New Directions Coalition and Director, Washington Central Friends of Education

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. School Tobacco Education– Reach out and develop relationships with school administrators, counselors, teachers, staff, and student groups to provide educational activities around the harms of tobacco products, second hand and third hand smoke, tobacco advertising and marketing targeting youth, and 802 Quits cessation information.
  2. Smoke Free Housing—Provide outreach and support to landlords and housing organizations around education, implementation of smoke free policies, and connections to cessation programs for tenants.
  3. Tobacco Free College Campus Initiatives-Participate in statewide coalition monthly trainings, meetings, technical assistance calls, and work with college administrators and students to move toward implementing a smoke free campus.
  4. Community Awareness—Assist with community events and education promoting smoke free public parks and events, limiting tobacco and alcohol advertising and marketing, and promoting safe, healthy alternatives.
  5. High Risk Drinking Community Awareness- Assist with marketing ideas and efforts related to LiveMoreDrinkLessVT.org to reach young adults ages 21-24 to utilize an online, anonymous, self- assessment: e-check-up-to go
  6. Evaluation – Assist with the collection and written reporting of data on substance abuse prevention activities (of dates, events, participation, community involvement) for quarterly reports.
  7. Other duties and responsibilities as may reasonably be assigned, ie; posting information on websites and facebook, assisting with other initiatives as needed. Attending occasional evening meetings


Bachelors degree or equivalent experience in health education, communication, teaching youth
Clear commitment to substance abuse prevention.
Ability to engage youth in activities.
Ability to work independently and to initiate new programs.
Ability to work collaboratively.
Excellent communication skills. Knowledge of social media.
Strong organizational skills and commitment to accurate record keeping for evaluation needs.
Submit cover letter, resume and 3 references to Ann Gilbert, Director CVNDC, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Proms, Parties, Graduations

Social Hosting

'Social Hosting" is when an adult sells or serves alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. It could be parents or other adults who give alcohol to minors, or adults who provide minors a place to drink. Social Hosting is iilegal in Vermont and adults can be charged if they host a drinking party. 

No Drinking Party is Safe

There is no such thing as a safe place for underage drinking, and hosting a drinking party for your children sends a dangerous message. You are telling them that you think it is ok to break the law and it can be hard for them to know which laws should or should not be obeyed. 

Helping Kids Drink is Illegal In Vermont

Parents may not:

  • Give alcohol to anyone under age 21
  • Allow minors to drink alcohol on their property.

For more information, please visit ParentupVT.org